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Electric motorcycle Aurus Merlon

I must admit, I was surprised when I found out that the Aurus Merlon electric motorcycle is a Russian development. As it turned out, the Aurus company is registered in Russia. On its basis, the NAMI scientific…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   6 min read

7 ways how blockchain will affect our daily life in 2023

Today, in the FinTech space, blockchain is on everyone’s lips as financial institutions are eagerly trying to find practical ways to implement and use the technology to generate profits. Since blockchain is a key technology…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   3 min read

DIY motorcycle repair

What a marvelous idea if you already have experience repairing your bike and know how to approach it! But what if you don’t? You can’t just give up on your bike because of that! In our large-scale CryptoMoto application for… Continue reading DIY motorcycle repair

   |    CryptoBiker   |   4 min read

Biker fests

It is fairly straightforward – the first documented rally in the Florida city of Daytona Beach was held in March 1937, while the rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, was launched only in 1938, meaning Daytona biker’s week is clearly older… Continue reading Biker fests

   |    CryptoBiker   |   5 min read

Electric motorbikes 2022

The triumph of the Tesla electric cars by Elon Musk has awoken the faded several decades ago interest in vehicles with an electric motor. Driven by today’s trendy ideas of sustainability and innovation, motorcycle manufacturers began…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   10 min read

Bitcoin for dummies

The success stories about buying bitcoin and successfully reselling it with a yield of hundreds of percent add fuel to the fire. The thirst for a quick buck pushes beginners to buy cryptocurrency. However, before investing money, you need to… Continue reading Bitcoin for dummies

   |    CryptoBiker   |   13 min read

Best automatic transmission bikes in 2022

For old-school bikers, just a thought of an automatic transmission seems like pure blasphemy. Nevertheless, the current demand for such bikes is pretty high which is reflected in the wide range of models released in 2022…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   5 min read

Sonny Barger – founder of the biker club Hells Angels

Unfortunately, we have to start with the sad news. Sonny Barger (real name – Ralph Hubert Barger Jr.) – a legendary figure who inspires both terror and unparalleled respect among bikers – recently passed away…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   4 min read

Bike posts

Just like that, bike posts indirectly contribute to the rallying of the motorcycle community, new acquaintances, and the exchange of experience. As a rule, they are run by bikers knowing firsthand about the problems their fellows face on the road.… Continue reading Bike posts

   |    CryptoBiker   |   5 min read

Biker movies

Overall, only a few motorcycle movies were produced before “The Wild One”, 1953. I have found only 14. Not many movies were filmed because they weren’t very popular among the audience. These were trite short films about motorcycle rides without… Continue reading Biker movies

   |    CryptoBiker   |   18 min read

Blockchain technology. Practical use

We tell how blockchain is used in real life, partially or entirely eliminating intermediaries and centralized systems and saving time. In preparing this note, we discovered an interest in blockchain among financial companies…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   4 min read

Biker rallies

However, the title of the oldest biker fest is challenged by the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, held in the city of Sturgis, South Dakota. Currently, particularly Sturgis rally is the most famous and visited biker festival in the world. The reason… Continue reading Biker rallies

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