|    CryptoBiker   |   10 min read

Bitcoin for dummies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained worldwide fame and attracted the attention of even those who were initially far from the cryptocurrency market. Now the BTC rate is reported in the news reports along with the quotes of the usual… Continue reading Bitcoin for dummies

   |    CryptoBiker   |   13 min read

Best automatic transmission bikes in 2022

For old-school bikers, just a thought of an automatic transmission seems like pure blasphemy. Nevertheless, the current demand for such bikes is pretty high which is reflected in the wide range of models released in 2022…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   5 min read

Sonny Barger – founder of the biker club Hells Angels

Unfortunately, we have to start with the sad news. Sonny Barger (real name – Ralph Hubert Barger Jr.) – a legendary figure who inspires both terror and unparalleled respect among bikers – recently passed away…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   5 min read

Bike posts

Bike posts embody mutual assistance, the main principle of the motorbikers community. At a bike post, a traveling motorcyclist can count on accommodation, food, help with repairs, and even a heart-to-heart conversation with a cup of warm tea or something… Continue reading Bike posts

   |    CryptoBiker   |   5 min read

Biker movies

The first known motorcycle movie was filmed in the UK over 100 years ago, in December 1909. It was a short film about a boy who attached a small explosive charge to his brother’s motorcycle, which exploded and wrecked a… Continue reading Biker movies

   |    CryptoBiker   |   18 min read

Blockchain technology. Practical use

We tell how blockchain is used in real life, partially or entirely eliminating intermediaries and centralized systems and saving time. In preparing this note, we discovered an interest in blockchain among financial companies…

   |    CryptoBiker   |   4 min read

Biker rallies

Like the whole biker movement, biker rallies originate from the United States, with the oldest one being “The Daytona Beach’s Bike Week,” held since March 1937 in Daytona Beach, Florida. However, the title of the oldest biker fest is challenged… Continue reading Biker rallies

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