Just like that, bike posts indirectly contribute to the rallying of the motorcycle community, new acquaintances, and the exchange of experience. As a rule, they are run by bikers knowing firsthand about the problems their fellows face on the road.

Motorcycle travellers who go on a long journey need to know about the bike posts along the way and the rules of conduct that should be followed when visiting them.

Types of bike posts

There are 2 types of bike posts. The first one is usually a roadside motel or motorcyclist-oriented hotel. On their territory, there is a place for a biker to rest, a motorcycle parking, and a service for repairing the injured “iron horse”. It is a business that an owner runs to make a profit, so you should bear in mind that you will be charged for the services here. Unlike in the United States, where there are huge complexes for bikers on the roads – the real kingdoms of relaxation and communication with like-minded people – the CIS paid bike post infrastructure is not as developed yet.

Therefore, the unsatisfied needs of motorbike travellers are covered by bike posts of the second type – run by enthusiasts of the biker movement. They accommodate guests in private apartments or houses and offer private garages as parking.

They accommodate guests in private apartments or houses and offer private garages as parking.

The owner’s hospitality, as a rule, is absolutely free. You, in turn, will do a great service by brightening up their evening with tales from your own motorcycle traveler’s life. Here you can also count on selfless help in finding spare parts for an unexpected break and a mechanic friend to help with repairs.

Rules of conduct at the bike post

You cannot overestimate the importance of the rules described below. Unfortunately, some motorcyclists do not fully share the principles of the biker community and do not appreciate the selfless help provided by the bike post owners. Besides, many travelers commonly do not fully acknowledge the effort put into a bike post. Thus, the first rule to follow by all biker travelers is to respect the person who helps you and always thank them. The complete list of rules is:

  • When planning your trip, check out all the bike posts along the route. Assess your physical condition and the pace of the journey. Based on this, choose where you are going to stay for rest. Phone or message the owners of bike posts and let them know the date and time you arrive and how many people are coming.
  • It is crucial to keep time zones in mind when traveling. Irresponsible motorcycle travelers on the road move in their native time and do not bother to move the arrows forward or backward. To avoid the situation when you think you are coming at 10 pm while it’s already 2 am local time, and you have to drag the bike post owner out of the warm bed, make sure to pay attention to time zones and set the clock on time.
  • Remember that other bikers are not obliged to help you and do not owe you anything. With this mindset, accepting rejection is easier, and you won’t worry in vain. Just in case, prepare the contacts of paid motels and motorcycle services along the way if you are not accommodated at a free bike post.
  • If the bike post owner or their friends helped you find a scarce part or repair your bike, don’t take their help for granted. It is not customary to demand money from fellow bikers, so take the initiative and ask what you owe them for the time and effort spent.
  • Bike posts are financed, in some cases, solely by the owners, so do not abuse their hospitality. Remember that the bike post owner, like other people, also needs time to earn money, relax and connect with family.
  • Even if the motor home owner does not charge you, you should still leave them at least a small amount of money. With this donation, you will extend the life of the bike post, increase the owner’s confidence that they are doing an important and valuable thing for the motorcycle community, and that their help is appreciated. In the end, this will help many other motorcyclists who will visit the motorcycle hostel later.

Where can you find contacts for bike posts?

Where can you find contacts for bike posts?

Using our website or CryptoMoto Super-App the bike post owners can publish several options for contacting them, including their social media profiles, email, phone number, and messengers. Using filters, you can sort the list of bike posts by country. The only thing missing is the map with the marked motor homes. Otherwise, the resource is ideal for a motorcycle traveler.

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