The point is that this application for bikers can replace any social network. Why is that? Because CryptoMoto is specifically designed for motorcyclists, it considers their needs and knows how to satisfy them in the easiest and fastest way.

Here’s just one example. Suppose you have encountered some annoying malfunction in your bike or can’t find a scarce spare part. The technicians shrug their shoulders, saying they can’t help, and the shop assistants tell you to ask your friends if they have what you need. As it turns out, the all-knowing Google can sometimes be useless in finding what you need. You end up at a dead end.

Moto app CryptoMoto was created particularly to solve such problems and avoid their occurrence in the future

There aren’t random people on the biker chat. Only real fellow-bikers who are ready to answer any seemingly silly questions. And there’s no need to be shy and subtle. All of us were once newbies, not knowing basic stuff. Among other things, we have developed the CryptoMoto app for motorcyclists to erase all barriers, such as language, gender, and level of knowledge. We enable bikers to communicate and share experiences freely.

At the very beginning, we claimed that the CryptoMoto app for motorcyclists could successfully replace any social network. And we mean it!

CryptoMoto app for motorcyclists could successfully replace any social network

It has the typical social network features built in, such as:

  • Ability to add people you like to your friend’s list.
  • Ability to create a motorcyclist community, for example, within your hometown.
  • Ability to organize biker events such as rallies, weekend get-togethers, and even festivals. If you wish, you can gather like-minded people for a trip, for example, to a rock concert or a football match. All you have to do is just post the coordinates of the place of gathering or destination, as well as the date and time. The post will appear on the feed of the CryptoMoto biker app, and your audience will see it. Now you can expect hundreds or even thousands of people who will happily join you to have a blast.
  • A chat where you can talk about anything and hang out with like-minded people.
  • A possibility to finally find your soul mate who wouldn’t squirm at the roar of the motorcycle engine, who loves the feeling of the wind on their face and the sharp smell of gasoline striking their nose. Simply put, the CryptoMoto app for bikers significantly cuts the time of searching for a soulmate who wholeheartedly shares your love for bikes.
  • A verified by the app users list of motorcycle services that make high-quality repairs, are reasonably priced, and make repairs at the promised speed.

And it’s just a small part of the features available in the CryptoMoto app. Motorcyclists can use the built-in map to plan their trip and plot the route. In CryptoMoto’s main feed, bikers can post messages about police ambushes, traffic jams, and accidents.

CryptoMoto App introduction

And the cherry on the top is the walkie-talkie feature. No, we are not talking about a small black box with a range of just a few kilometers. CryptoMoto app has its own special walkie-talkie and radio function. All bikers with the app on their phones can communicate wherever they are. And yes, it is free of charge.

Are you intrigued by the motorcycle app CryptoMoto and want to try it? Just click “Join“!

CryptoMoto App – just add your bike and the Internet.

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