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Today, a smartphone is such an integral part of our everyday life as a subscription to your favorite streaming service or a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work. It is not surprising that most of our lives are tied to a smartphone – we use it to know the weather, read the news, and order takeaway.

Mobile app for bikers, CryptoMoto, gathers everything bikers and motorcycle connoisseurs are interested in ­– news, festivals, chats, motorcycle repair services reviews, and information about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Every user of our app opens it at least once a day and browses it for no less than 17 minutes. No wonder, you can get lost for half an evening binge-reading just chats or tips.

We strive to make our app as exciting and useful as possible for our users. That’s why we decided to score you certain points for every action in our motorcyclist app. Become an active community member and spend your free time with maximum benefit.

Why do you need scored points? The accumulated bonuses can be exchanged for paid services of the CryptoMoto app or real money. Interested already?

So, for what actions can you get extra points:

  • Install the CryptoMoto app and hit the road. Each kilometer you ride brings you points! In addition, the app can be used as a walkie-talkie, navigator, and to see the laid routes and even lay your own new route. For these routes, by the way, you also get points. Rides with such bonuses are maximally profitable.
  • Be an active user of our mobile app. Create posts, post messages, like posts, add photos and comment on publications. And remember to invite your friends to join our community – for this, you and they receive bonuses.

You can see the number of points for each action in the table below. Using our motorcycle app becomes not only convenient but also as profitable as possible. You can earn doing what you already do and spend accumulated bonuses as you wish. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet, download the CryptoMoto app, create a user account and get actively involved in the life of our global motorcycle community.

Earning money by using a favourite mobile app for motorcyclists has never been easier!

Application signup10
Adding 1 moto service150
Rate 1 moto service50
Adding 1 photo5
Adding 1 article or event40
Adding 1 motorcycle to the garage100
Adding to the map rides/meetings/acquaintances15
Adding “Help Needed” to the Map1
Adding “Ambush” to the map10
Comment on a post/message3
Like a post/message1
The author of the post/message for each received like to this post/message1
The author of the post/message for each comment left on this post/message2
Creating a public route6
Creating a public track4
New friend7
New subscriber2
Sharing a post on social networks20
Check In with other users60
Other user blocked you-10

10 points is equal $0.01

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