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This is the best mobile application and social network for motorcyclists.
The entire moto life in your smartphone.
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CRYPTOMOTO Super-App for motorcyclists

CryptoMoto App Features

This is not just an app but a full-fledged social network for motorcyclists.
You can add friends, chat on hot topics and organize meetings.
All features are absolutely free for all participants.

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Service workshops and technicians Service workshops and technicians

Spare parts database Spare parts database

Ride and Earn Ride and Earn

Strong Moto community Strong Moto community

Public and Private Chats Public and Private Chats

Moto Events Worldwide Moto Events Worldwide

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Looking for friends or love?

Sick of riding alone? Wanna find friends or love to share your passion for motorcycles? Just use CryptoMoto App. Millions of bikers and especially incredible bikergirls in our moto community are stoked to hang out!

Looking for friends or love?
Free, instant, global transfers

Have a dumb question?

If even Google does not know the answer, then only our most experienced bikers from the CryptoMoto chat will help you! Don't be shy, we answer the most stupid questions because everyone once asked them themselves :)

Bike is broken again?

Bike is broken again?

Tired of your "friend-mechanic" and workshops next door put your moto in a corner and forget about it? With our CryptoMoto app, you will know the best and the most trusted moto services with real reviews from trusted bikers.

Do you want a party?

Not just a beer with your best friend, but a real concert, competition or tour. Add your event to our CryptoMoto feed, set its coordinates and date, and thousands of bikers will join you.
It will be LE-GEN-DA-RY!

Do you want a party?
Be the first to know about <strong>iOS launch</strong>!

Download the mobile super-app for motorcyclists and bikers

Be the first to know about iOS launch!

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Q&A: CryptoMoto explained

Can I buy cryptocurrency with CryptoMoto app?

But eventually you will be a part of the CryptoMoto blockchain.

Is CryptoMoto app free?

There’s always a free version of the our app for bikers.

Can I see maps offline?

No, offline maps are currently not available in the CryptoMoto app. To see other bikers and moto objects on the map you need an active internet connection: Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

How can I get more points?

You receive points for various activities on the app such as driven mileage, referring the app to friends, creating chat topics and others. You can find the full list of points earning here.

Any more questions?

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