Users can detect ambushes, organize meetings, fast runs and other events. Motorcyclists can add friends, chat on various topics and create local communities.

Another feature of the software is the walkie-talkie function. It allows for completely free communication with other motorcyclists in real time. The application enables you to record tracks with statistics, make a route, and listen to the radio.

In CryptoMoto App bikers can post their own activities and other events in the main feed, including those that are critical for the motorcycle community, such as accident and traffic reports. Communication in a group chat diversifies the use of the software and doesn’t let you get bored. That’s why CryptoMoto is the best app for bikers.

Looking for friends or love?

Sick of riding alone? Wanna find friends or love to shares your passion for motorcycles? Just use CryptoMoto App. Millions of bikers and bikergirls in our moto community are always happy to hang out!

Completely insured
Free, instant, global transfers

Have a dumb question?

If even Google does not know the answer, then only our most experienced bikers from the CryptoMoto chat will help you! Don't be shy, we answer the most stupid questions because everyone once asked them themselves 🙂

Bike is broken again?

Tired of your "friend-mechanic" and workshops next door put your moto in a corner and forget about it? With our CryptoMoto app, you will know the best and the most trusted moto services with real reviews from trusted bikers.

Do you want a party?

Not just a beer with your best friend, but a real concert, competition or tour. Add your event to our CryptoMoto feed, set its coordinates and date, and thousands of bikers will join you.
It will be LE-GEN-DA-RY!

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