It is an exceptional vehicle. You will certainly enjoy riding a motorcycle if you are willing to trade a cozy car cabin for a feeling of complete freedom, the roar of an engine, a refreshing wind in the face, and an endless ribbon of road unraveling ahead. 

From this article, you will find out what types of motorcycles exist and how to choose the best model of an “iron friend”.

Types of motorcycles

Suppose your decision to buy a bike is as unshakable as the vehicle itself and the desired feeling of freedom. In that case, you should get an idea about the available types of motorcycles.

There is a generally accepted classification in which the bikers distinguish separate intermediate groups. A stand-alone category comprises custom-made models created according to individual projects.

Сlassic motorbikes

These bikes are focused on traditional trips around the city, moving from one point to another. Classic bikes are not suitable for long journeys – they have insufficient carrying capacity, and their ergonomics won’t let you sit comfortably in the saddle for a long-distance ride.

In classic motorbikes, the handlebars are lowered like in bicycles, and the driver is positioned vertically. Such models are popular in the east, they are mainly purchased for daily use.

These bikes have a good resource base, wear resistance gearbox, low-maintenance mechanisms, and a simple design.

The classic bike models have an almost unlimited variety of engine units – manufacturers offer models with two and four-stroke engines with a different number of cylinders.

The classic bikes are lightweight. In case of a sideways fall, you can easily pick it up. The only exception is weighted models weighing 200 kg.

Sports motorbikes

Their other name is racing bikes, which fully justifies their purpose. Such models are focused on movement at high speed, which is facilitated in every possible way by their design. The particular center of gravity provides the owner with maximum maneuverability and controllability.

The motorcycle has a lightweight design enabled by using components made of light alloys and materials like carbon. It allows the creation of streamlined aerodynamics for cutting through the air at full speed. For high-speed performance, the sports bike has a modified handlebars tilt and a slightly raised seat – the motorcyclist is tilted forward, resulting in increased streamlining.

A sports bike is not designed for long-distance races. Its ideal environment is a perfectly maintained highway. The high-quality, powerful motor of a sports bike sensibly affects the cost.

Touring motorcycles

This type of motorbike is the best choice for long-distance trips. These bikes are considered premium models in the motorcycle world. They are designed to move smoothly without achieving racing speed. In a day, they can comfortably cover a thousand kilometers.

The whole design and fitting of the tourer are thought out from the standpoint of a comfortable ride. These bikes have soft seats and a raised windshield or fairing comfortably covering the biker from oncoming winds. Wide side fairings protect the legs from dirt or side impacts. The low center of gravity makes the bike stable – the weight of the vehicle can reach an impressive 500 kg. A massive heavy bike requires enough space on the road – it lacks maneuverability for narrow and winding streets.

The power unit of the models is also designed for long trips, so it often works at low speeds. In terms of cost, tourist bikes can be compared to a good car, so their purchase should be conscious and carefully thought out.

Cross motorbikes

These are lightweight and agile models designed for off-road driving. They are pretty popular among young people. Cross bikes won’t shine on ordinary roads. They are for motocross riders.

Cross-country motorcycles, focused on moving around the city, are included in a separate group of motorcycles – enduro.

What to consider when making a choice?

A motorcycle, albeit not a car, but not a household appliance either – making a choice is not easy, especially for a beginner. A rash purchase is fraught with both unnecessary expenses and possible injuries.

First, consider the future rider’s physique. A big man won’t be comfortable on a small-sized model and will look ridiculous. In this case, it’s better to consider the classic options. 

Short riders are better off starting with classic models.

A vital characteristic to consider when choosing a bike is the engine capacity. It is advised to start getting into the biker world with low-powered models. For a beginner, a 150 cm3 power unit will be pretty suitable. Such characteristics allow the bike to move at 90 km/h, which is quite enough for comfortable movement along the streets and outside the city limits.

Models with an engine capacity of 200-400 cm3 are heavy equipment that requires skillful handling and special skills. For motorbikes with even larger engine volumes, confident skills are essential. The motorcycles in which the vehicle’s mass compensates for the power are classified as cruisers, touring motorbikes, and others.

The next important characteristic is the weight of the bike. A heavy motorcycle looks impressive, but you need to be able to handle it. Beginner’s motorcycles often fall, as do the drivers themselves, so the weight of the motorbike must be liftable.

Buying an overly expensive model right away is not the best choice. The first bike is for experience gain – it helps to make up your mind on the future vehicle type. Don’t expect it to stay chips and scratches-free, be ready for breakdowns due to driving errors and other problems. It is better to choose a reliable but cheaper vehicle – the very first models do not stay with one owner for too long.

And the last thing to consider is color choice. This one is easy – opt for the bright colors. It’s not about showing off but about safety – a bright motorcycle is better seen on the road by drivers, especially in the dark.


If you plan to buy your first motorcycle, you have to decide on the type of bike and the intended driving style. The chosen model should correspond to the rider’s skills and weight.

There is no point in purchasing a powerful model right away. A small-sized classic bike or enduro is the best first pick. Later on, you can consider buying a sports model, but not as the first motorcycle.

As for the technical characteristics, trust the opinion of experts. Talk to friends who have had a motorbike for a long time, or find motorcycle enthusiasts who will be willing to give a bit of advice.

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