Most often people in such a community are not united by motorcycles but by separate interests that are not even remotely related to biker life.

Information about the members of such clubs, places of meetups and other information is strictly classified. Why? Inside there is something that is better hidden from prying eyes. Closed motorcycle clubs are rather a private business project, maybe even semi-legal or completely illegal. Members of a closed community can be sure that they are united by one goal and the discipline here is tougher than in “Fight Club”. The order is not discussed, a rigid system of hierarchy and subordination reigns.

What does the structure of a closed motorcycle club look like?

The standard chain of command for a motorcycle club is as follows. The community is headed by a president. He is in charge and his requests or orders are carried out implicitly. Formally, a democratic atmosphere reigns in the club and the management’s decision is even submitted for public discussion. At the same time it is difficult to imagine a situation when during the voting someone opposes the decision of the head. Theoretically there can be disagreement if the participants are given a choice – either this or that. In this case the last word still remains with the president.

“Right hand”, deputy and second person in the club is a vice-president. As in any company he performs the duties of the president during his absence, has the right to vote and personal opinion, which cannot be ignored. It is not uncommon for a president to leave office and become vice president.

The club’s third person, or “officer”, is the head of security. Responsible for settling conflicts with the outside world and guarding facilities owned by the club. Manages the entire arsenal of weapons that are in the possession of the community. Often these are legal weapons with licenses and permits.

The road captain can also be safely attributed to the “officer” staff. His task is to organize all road trips, joint business trips and rides. His responsibilities are to lay the route, find accommodation for the night, organize and lead the column. During the ride it is the road captain who leads the column, followed by the president and vice president, and during the journey they unquestioningly obey him.

During the ride it is the road captain who leads the column

After the “officers” it is worth noting the old members of the club, most often were at the beginning. They enjoy authority among newcomers, have the right to put serious issues to the vote. It is for them that the best places at the tables are assigned, their opinion is listened to at meetings. Status imposes a certain obligation – for example, it’s unacceptable to be absent from a meeting without a good reason. Often they wear vests with a full set of signs, the emblem and the name of the club.

A separate caste is “nomads”. Persons who are full members of the club but practically do not take part in club life. Usually they are permanent traveling, they spend most of their time on the road and cannot attend important meetings. In reality there are few nomads in clubs, not every community welcomes such members at home and assigns a status to them in the charter.

At the last rung of the social ladder are “prospects” – candidates for joining the club who are on probation. The term is unlimited and can be extended for a lifetime. It’s important that it will not be possible to come to the club from the street so the status of a “prospect” is also important. In order to at least get closer to a closed community you need to somehow prove yourself, get an invitation from the leadership and secure the guarantee of two permanent members, in the future – your mentors. Sometimes “prospects” can participate in meetings, but they are deprived of the right to vote and comments, wishes and thoughts can only be voiced to their mentor. They can wear vests with the name of the club, without emblems, stripes and other identifying symbols.

A separate group is a support, these are friends of the community and often members of the families of participants. They can attend various collective rides but they are forbidden to take part in meetings and voting. They are allowed to wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt with the name of the club, no more. CryptoMoto is not a closed motorcycle club, but you can also wear sweatshirts with our title everywhere and whenever you want, unless you’re a part of our community:

Important! Wearing a vest with symbols means taking on not only certain rights, but also obligations. Those who join a closed club know exactly why they are doing it and what they are sacrificing. Wearing a vest with the symbols of someone else’s club is dangerous – it can lead to negative consequences and you can be strictly asked for this.

By the way, creating your own club is also not so easy. It is necessary that an already existing society with a high authority take you into care. Well, for such a favor, you will eventually have to thank. Well, even in the 21st century, the closed world of motorcycle clubs is as harsh and impregnable as it was 70 years ago.

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