And all these clubs are now doing quite well, they are not hiding, they are opening branches around the world. Of course, they use precautions so that the “cops” pay as little attention to them as possible. But this did not make the true “one percent” less serious bikers, and they are still ready to kill anyone who dares cross their path.

In our rating, we will arrange motorcycle clubs based on how cool they are.

10 place

The home of this club is located in California, in the small town of San Bernardino, and its name is Vagos, which means “tramps” in Spanish. The patches depict the Scandinavian god Loki (known in mythology as a cunning and a god endowed with a great mind) on a motorcycle wheel. The time of the foundation of the motorcycle community is the 60s of the 20th century.

It is known about 24 branches of Vagos, located in the west of America, some of the branches are located in Mexico.

Vagos became famous for being developed for a very long time by the FBI sheep and employees of the US Arms Trafficking Agency. And in 2006, a trap prepared by law enforcement officers closed for 25 members of the club, who were sentenced to prison terms for money laundering, murder and robbery.

9 place

Here is a peculiar and unusual motocommunity Free Souls. Its members do not seek to extend their influence to other regions, but have focused exclusively on the state of Oregon. On the club’s patches, you can see an Egyptian cross inscribed in a motorcycle wheel. The time of foundation is the end of the 1960s.

The club entered the criminal history of the United States in 2007, when several of its members were caught stealing bikes and distributing drugs.

8 place

This is a very famous club from Texas, which became famous for its uncompromising struggle with the Hells Angels. Despite the fact that this motorcycle community uses the image of a Mexican from cartoons as an emblem, holding a huge machete in his left hand and a gun in his right hand, these guys are far from kind characters from children’s cartoons. Because it’s the Bandidos.

The founder of the Bandidos was a veteran of the Vietnam War, who served in the Marine Corps, so the order and discipline in the club was truly military. The motorcycle community has significantly expanded its original territory of influence, leaving Texas not only for other American states, but also for other countries, such as Australia and Germany.

Bandidos fully justified the name of their club. It is difficult to say what kind of illegal they were not involved in: there was racketeering, robbery, and the purchase and sale of weapons.

And, of course, the endless enmity with the Hells Angels. Bandidos were very fond of spoiling the celebration of the founding date of the club by their main enemies, killing one of the Hell’s Angels on this day.

7 place

Belongs to Highwaymen. On their emblem, you can see a skeleton dressed in biker fashion from the 50s and 60s of the 20th century. If you watched the movie “The Savage”, one of the cult classics among bikers, then you might have noticed that the cap and jacket on the emblem are very similar to those that Marlon Brando had. Time and place of foundation of the club – 1954, Detroit.

Currently, Highwaymen can be found in most of the US states, as well as in Norway and England.

The club is known for the fact that its members agree to contract killings, racketeering local merchants, and do not hesitate to take their percentage from the resale of drugs. The FBI gave this motorcycle community a very hard blow by red-handing 40 members in 2007.

6 place

Warlocks, originally known as bikers from Pennsylvania, the backbone of which was made up of former military men who fought in Vietnam and are known for their racism. Until now, people with any skin color other than white cannot join the club. By the way, the path to the “Warlock” is also ordered for women.

The image associated with the Warlocks is the harpy. This mythological creature is also depicted on the motorcycle club patch. The harpy belongs to monsters, is considered one of the most disgusting creatures in mythology, is distinguished by ferocity and malice, steals the souls of people and children.

So yes, the Warlocks were clearly not angels. It is unlikely that they would have turned millions of dollars on the sale of methamphetamine, on which, in fact, the president of one of the “Warlocks” departments and 4 ordinary bikers got caught.

5 place

Goes to the “Sons of Silence“, whose homeland is in the state of Colorado. Since then, they have made serious progress in the eastern part of the United States and even opened several branches in Germany. The motto of the motorcycle community is a phrase in Latin, which translates as “Until death do us part”.

When designing the patch, the founders of the Sons of Silence did not bother much. Apparently, then they drank Budweiser beer and, without thinking twice, decided to take the eagle depicted on the beer can for their patch.

As for crime… Everything is as usual: 1999, Denver, 37 bikers went to jail for stealing bikes, possession of 35 “trunks” and several kilograms of the infamous methamphetamine.

4 place

We’re getting close to the top three. We heard about the fact that God forgives, we – never. If yes, then you understand what we are talking about. If not, then it’s okay, it’s never too late to learn something new.

The Outlaws will not be able to earn forgiveness. Possibly the oldest motorcycle community in the world, it started back in 1935 in Illinois, in the obscure town of McCook, in a bar off Highway 66 “At Matilda’s”.

The Outlaws is one of the most famous clubs, which has just a huge number of branches around the globe. Perhaps only in Africa and Antarctica you will not be able to meet a motorcyclist with a patch where the skull is located on top of 2 pistons crossed with each other.

The Outlaws were so outrageous that their president, Bowman, was given the title of one of America’s most dangerous outlaws. After his arrest, the FBI managed to prove his involvement in the murder of 3 people. And how many corpses Bowman may have left behind him, no one really knows except himself.

3 place

Bronze medalists – Pagans. The founders of the motorcycle community were fond of Scandinavian mythology and put Surt holding a sword and sitting on the Sun on the club patch. Surt led the army, which during Ragnarok (Scandinavian “end of the world”) fights with the gods and defeats them.

“Pagans” were established in Maryland in the late 50s of the 20th century. A distinctive “trick” of this club is the wearing of jackets, in which the sleeves are specially cut off.

In addition, the “Pagans” took part in the most famous “biker war” with the Hells Angels. They literally hunted each other for decades. However, by the mid-2000s, the Hells Angels had seriously pressed the Pagans and actually won this war. Sure, the Pagans often snapped back, such as killing a Hells Angels chapter leader in Philadelphia in 2005, but it wasn’t at the same level of intensity as the events of the 1980s or 1990s.

2 place

Silver goes to the Mongols. You may be interested to know that, despite its name, this motorcycle community was originally made up of Hispanics who were expelled from the Hell’s Angels, and they, having gathered in Montebello, a small town from California, in 1969, founded a new motorcycle club.

The patch depicts a Mongolian with a pigtail and sunglasses. Such glasses are a mandatory attribute of the Mongols.

Among the “one percenters”, the “Mongols” suffered the most from law enforcement officers, since they officially, by law, cannot wear stripes and use the colors of the motorcycle community. And all due to the fact that they did not expose the implanted “moles” in time, who found out about all the criminal cases of bikers and arrested them, including the president.

Funnily enough, the Mongols don’t have a branch in Mongolia.

1 place

There is no need for a drum roll and a long theatrical pause, because you probably understand that the coolest club is, of course, the Hell’s Angels.

The late former president of the Hells Angels, Sonny Barger, built a very strong and organized motorcycle club on the principles of military discipline, which withstood several wars with competitors from other bike clubs and emerged victorious from them. As a result, branches of the Hells Angels have spread throughout the world. They likely exist in your country.

The patch features a winged skull borrowed by Barger from the 85th Fighter Air Squadron.

Evil tongues said that one of the American senators patronizes the Hells Angels, so they get away with it, and representatives of other motorcycle clubs are sent to jail. Perhaps this is true, because there were many different incidents where the Hell’s Angels easily got away from punishment, such as after the club members killed a Rolling Stones fan during a concert where the Hell’s Angels were security guards.

We invite you to our club of one hundred percent!

In our motorcycle community there is no military discipline, presidents and soldiers. Equality and freedom are our main rules. It is not necessary to have “dope” and guns to gather a fun party around you – just a mobile app for motorcyclists CryptoMoto is enough.

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