Aspiring minds often grapple with the enigma encapsulated in questions like, “How to join a motorcycle club?” and “What does it take to be a part of the riding elite?”

These inquiries don’t merely flutter in from the mail or linger in guest rooms of any MC; they echo through the highways, resonate at events, and reverberate at gas stations — a symphony of curiosity where the rubber meets the asphalt. It may seem like a straightforward quest, but the answer is a complex weave of commitment, mutual trust, and shared values.

How to join the motorcycle pack

Becoming a Brother isn’t a mere mantle; it’s an embodiment of shared trials, triumphs, sorrows, and joys. It demands a willingness to sacrifice personal life, family pursuits, and even conventional values — all in the name of the Motorcycle Club, Brotherhood, and Loved Ones. Sounds grandiose? At first glance, undeniably so. Yet, this is the crux of the matter — a question both simple and intricate.

The journey to membership is a saga, typically commencing with a personal introduction to an existing club member. If the newcomer earns trust, the introduction extends to other members, with a designated guarantor assuming responsibility for their protégé’s actions. If he makes a positive impression on the motorcycle club members, he is assigned the status of “support“, what will be the first step to join a motorcycle club. After proving oneself as a reliable supporter over time, the possibility of club admission is broached at a general meeting. The “hang around” rank is bestowed upon those with a guarantor, marking the initial step on the biker hierarchy ladder.

Hierarchy is the heartbeat of club dynamics, with “hangarounds” beneath “prospects” and “members”. The president, vice-president, treasurer, sergeant-at-arms, and road captain constitute the leadership, forming the MC Council. A realm where rapid ascent and exemption from fees serve as incentives, juxtaposed against penalties ranging from mundane tasks to expulsion — an ultimate judgment rendered in somber gatherings, where the vest is relinquished, and the individual departs the hallowed club domain.

The president, vice-president, treasurer, sergeant-at-arms, and road captain constitute the leadership, forming the Club Council

In the end, it’s not just about navigating the motorcycle club labyrinth; it’s about discovering if the journey resonates with your very soul. The Brotherhood beckons and the road to membership is paved with commitment, loyalty, and an unwavering passion for the two-wheeled lifestyle.

So what do you need to do to become a member of MC?

First of all, you need to get to know the current member of the desired motorcycle club. The CryptoMoto motorcycle app will help you with this – here you can easily establish contacts with any biker in the world! And then it all depends on you and how devoted you are to the motorcycle world.

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