Regretfully, statistics indicate a sharp rise in motorbike thefts during the previous few years. In the United States alone since 2019 they have increased by 26%; only 42% of those were found. For this reason, purchasing anti-theft motorcycle devices is essential in addition to taking preventative precautions like securing your ignition and parking carefully. When you leave your bike unattended, this technology will provide you with much-needed peace of mind by discouraging burglars from taking it.

So, have a look at this list of five crucial motorbike anti-theft devices if you want to keep your motorcycle safe wherever you go.

1. The helmet lock

The helmet lock

You won’t want to travel without a helmet lock if taking your helmet with you is too difficult or cumbersome.

Because they are composed of durable metal, have rubber wrapping around them, and have programmable multi-digit or key locks, these useful gadgets let you fasten your helmet to your bike without damaging the paintwork.

2. Lock for a Grip

Because grip locks are made to keep the front brake fully applied, it’s an excellent anti-theft motorcycle gadget.

Lock for a Grip

You only need to slide the grip lock onto the handle when you get to your location, lock it with the supplied key, and you’re ready to go.

These security tools are lightweight, easy to fasten, constructed from sturdy materials (steel, nylon, etc.), and adaptable to fit a range of grip sizes. You may choose one that fits the style of your bike because they are available in a variety of colors.

3. Solid Chain Lock

Our next motorcycle anti-theft gadget is mostly intended for usage at home unless you don’t mind to ride with bulky equipment.

Solid Chain Lock

Protecting your bike with a heavy-duty chain lock is one of the best and most reliable options available. You have the flexibility and versatility to secure your bike wherever you go thanks to its strong, reinforced steel chain that is also flexible.

It can be fastened to the frame, routed through one or both of your wheels or used to connect your motorcycle to a stable object (such as a wall or ground anchor, streetlight, steel pole, etc.).

These strong chains usually come in thicknesses ranging from 12mm to an impressive 22mm, so you can choose the size that best ensures the security of your motorcycle.

4. Motorbike GPS Tracking Device

Regretfully, no anti-theft system for motorcycles can completely safeguard your iron horse. Your bike could still be taken by a determined thief (or thieves) despite all the security precautions we’ve discussed thus far.

That’s why having a GPS tracker is crucial in case everything else fails.

These devices track the location of your bike at all times using a wireless item that you may install in a discreet spot and a dedicated smartphone app.

The wireless gadget will detect movement and immediately contact your phone to notify you if a criminal succeeds in circumventing your security measures and attempts to move it.

Motorbike GPS Tracking Device

In the unlikely event that you miss the call and your bike is taken, you can use the app to locate it and get it back. Perhaps even apprehend the thief with the assistance of the police or motobrothers.

One more fantastic feature of these anti-theft devices for motorcycles is that once installed, you will only need to fix the wireless unit once a year when changing the battery.

5. An Alarm for a motorbike

The great deterrents against home invasions and motorcycle theft are loud alarm systems.

The great deterrents against home invasions and motorcycle theft are loud alarm systems.

Likely, the person tinkering with your bike won’t stay to finish if it sets off an ear-splitting alarm. Motorcycle anti-theft alarms are an excellent method for property security.

These instruments frequently have a variety of sensors to increase your safety margin, such as:

  • Tilt sensors: when the motorcycle is tilted away from its side stand, these sensors sound the alert.
  • Shock sensors can have their sensitivity levels changed. They sound an alarm when they detect an impact.
  • Current sensors: if they notice a change in battery voltage or if your bike is started by a thief, they will sound the alarm.

In addition, these devices usually come with a two-way pager that lets you see and manage the system from a distance, giving you the confidence to leave it unattended.

The more, the better

It’s beneficial to have several layers of security to prevent motorcycle theft.

The optimum security strategy will have a backup, such as a GPS tracker, in case the primary anti-theft devices, such as a motorcycle alarm, heavy-duty chain lock, or grip lock, don’t work as intended. It’s a wise investment that will pay off in terms of assurance and comfort!

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