Experienced bikers claim that life is divided into “before” and “after” from the moment they get their first bike. Psychologists say that, in fact, it is divided into before/after an accident.

Falling off a motorcycle definitely is a very unpleasant experience. But it’s harder not to avoid falling but get back on a bike and ride it again after an accident! Thinking sensibly – an accident is a great teacher. After the first accident with motorcycle, all partially forgotten theoretical knowledge instantly transforms into practical. The rider becomes very careful, sometimes even paranoid, about safety. How to prevent this?

Understanding that fear shackles, destroys, and paralyzes sound thinking is crucial. But carefulness resulting from a negative experience is a positive consequence. So, how do you deal with fear? If we look at the careers of famous professional athletes, only a few haven’t broken morally after a severe injury or a devastating loss. The rest have automatically left the race, saying goodbye to their cherished dream. Even such experienced and seasoned people are not always able to overcome fear completely.

After the first accident with motorcycle, all partially forgotten theoretical knowledge instantly transforms into practical

How to overcome the fear that will definitely appear after a serious accident? Psychologists say that it is necessary to go through four important stages.


Fear is a consequence of mental activity. It is essential to understand the root of your fear. What are you afraid of? Repeated accidents? Lethal outcome? Break the bike? Get hurt? When you have analyzed your thoughts, fear fades into the background, and a clear understanding of reality remains. It is essential to acknowledge that an accident can happen to anyone. In a way, it’s a lottery. But not everyone who has looked death in the eye can do it again soon.

When the cause of fear is identified, you can start solving the problem. Are you afraid of injury? Strengthen the equipment, and add protection. Scared that you might crash your bike? Strengthen the “iron horse” with arcs, cages, or sliders. You can get many useful tips if you contact the nearest motorcycle service or talk to experienced bikers. Are you afraid of an accident itself? Drive at a moderate speed, do not race on unfamiliar tracks, and ride during the daytime.

Enhance motorcycle riding experience

Now that you’ve found the root of your fear, it’s time to analyse your motorcycle driving skills. What was the reason for the accident? How did you behave? What were your mistakes? Turning to an experienced instructor to improve your skills is a good idea. The more experience you gain, the less room remains for fear. As soon as you realize that you have complete control over the bike, you will be able to react differently than the last time. It’s crucial to start working on error correction while the memory is still fresh. If you take a long break from driving, you can lose even the skills you had. Don’t put it off – start working on mistakes right away.

Enhance motorcycle riding experience

Focusing on the positives

People often dwell on failures and negative experiences. After an accident, you may frequently hear “I told you so” from well-wishers. Against the backdrop of fear and problems with repairs, these exclamations just rub salt into the wound. Mentally and aloud, say “Stop”. Remember, why did you actually choose this lifestyle? Why did you buy a bike? Surely, it’s an enjoyment of the journey, the opportunity to ride a huge roaring colossus, to go to the moto fest with like-minded people. Make plans, dream, and remember why you are here. This way, you will get back in shape sooner as you have set a new goal!

Communicating with like-minded motorcyclists

If you talk to experienced bikers, you’ll learn that 90% of them have a similar experience. Most of them got into a jam but are back on the rails. They must have been motivated by something. Often, fear of the road is caused by self-doubt. But after talking to other bikers, you can learn a lesson that accidents with motorcyclists are not so rare and can happen to anyone. But getting back on rails is a personal choice and work. Yes, you’ll have to work. But you have chosen this path, so is it worth it?

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