So, which is better: two wheels or four? If you are reading this review, then surely you have already downloaded the best motorcycle app CryptoMoto. If not, then it’s time to fix it and download it in two clicks.

The hostility of car owners to motorcyclists is most often caused by a lack of understanding of behavior. After all, driving a bike is not just about movement, it’s about a state of mind! It seems to the driver of the car that motorcyclists are a complete violation of the rules: races between rows, driving at exorbitant speeds, “jumps” between lanes. In fact, this is not entirely correct: representatives of both parties can ride with violations of the rules.

In reality, riding a bike or motorcycle is much more dangerous than driving a car. Yes, the motorcycle is lighter and easier to manage, but the driver’s security is less – it is not protected by a reliable car frame, airbags are also not provided. Despite this, any motorist will always say that riding a motorcycle is many times better than a car.

By bringing together the thoughts of various bikers, we have put them together in the following advantages of motorcycle riding:

  • In the garage, which is designed for one car, you can put at least 3 motorcycles – saving space. A motorcycle is always easier to park than a car and takes up less space. Of course, we are not talking about bikes with sidecars.
  • Two-wheeled vehicles consume less fuel – an average of 7.5 liters per 100 km.
  • Bikes go much faster than cars. Undoubtedly, there are supercars that are able to overtake a motorcycle from the start, but they also cost 10-20 times more.
  • A two-wheeler costs in most cases less than a four-wheeler (if we compare a year of manufacture and class). It needs less rubber to “change shoes” and, in general, it costs less to maintain. Of course, we are not talking about exclusive models, where one broken part will cost as much as an airplane wing.
  • Repairing a motorcycle is more convenient, easier and faster.
  • Fresh air while driving is good for health. Especially if you ride on a country road among dense pine thickets.
  • Riding two-wheeled vehicles improves coordination and develops the ability to keep balance.

Riding two-wheeled vehicles improves coordination and develops the ability to keep balance

Cars and motorcycles are the most popular means of transportation. It is worth choosing between them based on personal preferences. Some drivers buy both the first and second modes of transport, and even a bicycle with an ATV, if finances allow. And already, depending on the mood, weather and other factors, they choose the right equipment for the trip. There is no universal advice on which type of transport is better to choose. Each person relies on their own personal inventions. Someone considers the issue from the point of view of safety, someone looks at the high cost / cheapness of maintenance, someone cannot imagine driving without releasing a fair amount of adrenaline. In any case, the final choice should be balanced and thoughtful.

Whichever choice you make, all riders can use our mobile app for motorcyclists. And not the riders also can! We have collected in one place a lot of useful and interesting information not only from the moto world, but also from the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and tokens. In chats, everyone will find a topic for the soul and someone to talk to. If there is no theme to your taste, then create it yourself. And by the way, you can also create an interesting event yourself. Certainly, every driver will appreciate such useful features as a navigator or a walkie-talkie. And don’t forget to look in the maintenance section, where you can find a great inexpensive service station near you or a rare spare part you need. Join our cool motorcycle community – we have a special atmosphere!

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