Bikers can be put into a special category: people who relax on the road, love fast driving and their bikes. It is not surprising that those whose work or hobbies are associated with increased risk subconsciously rely on the help of higher powers.

Like many people, bikers have their own signs and superstitions that they hold sacred:

  • If a helmet fell in front of the road – expect some trouble. It is better to postpone or reschedule the trip. If this is not possible, it is necessary to stamp each foot on the ground 3 times. After this manipulation, tap the helmet on the seat and tank of the bike. This way the biker asks his “iron friend” not to let him down at this crucial moment.
  • You should get on the motorcycle only from the left side. If you sit on the right, the bike may break down on the road. Sitting on the right, the driver runs the risk of attracting maximum trouble on the road. In case you aren’t able to sit from the left side, the biker will surely pat the motorcycle and ask for forgiveness.
  • You should never blame your vehicle. A motorcycle is a reliable friend and can be offended. The technique works better for someone who respects and cares about the “iron horse”.
  • Before the road, it is important to check the tank. This is how you show respect for the motorcycle and take care of your own safety. After checking the tank, you will be sure that the transport is filled and will not let you down on the way.
  • A good road awaits the driver if a dog barks at him on the way. But if the dog tries to grab the driver on the road, it is better to cancel the trip and turn back. This way a shaggy comrade tries to warn of trouble.
  • If the cat crosses the road, you must immediately return home. The exception is red cats. Meeting with them is considered a great success and will please you with good weather, without rain.
  • If a midge/fly hits the forehead, you must immediately reduce the speed. But if the fly got into the beard and even got confused, you can be calm – the road will be calm and smooth.

if the fly got into the beard and even got confused, you can be calm – the road will be calm and smooth

  • If a bird flew at you on the way, you need to go back and be very careful on the way. In addition, the head and eyes must be protected with a helmet and goggles, since at high speed the bird can even pierce the eyeball.

These are general rules, but surely every biker has his own signs and superstitions. You can learn about other signs and beliefs in our CryptoMoto app for motorcyclists and discuss them with all community members. Please share yours, we would love to hear about all the things you rely on.

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