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So, what are the most common malfunctions a biker may encounter?


The bike’s generator ensures the functioning of all “electrics” of the motorcycle when the engine is on and recharges the battery during the trip. Fortunately, it rarely completely dies and requires replacement. Why fortunately? Because replacing a generator is usually pretty costly.

Usually, separate nodes break down, for example:

  • Diode bridge. This breakdown is easily noticeable as all electrics start malfunctioning. In particular, the bulbs and indicators become dim or just go off.
  • Bearing responsible for the silent rotation of the pulley. Its malfunction is easily detected as it results in a continuous characteristic howl coming from the generator.


It transmits the torque from the engine to the rear wheel. It is a very weak bike node that requires constant monitoring. The good news is that the chain is clearly visible, and you can check it whenever you want. After any trip through mud, deep puddles, and a dusty dirt road, you should always check the chain – whether it still has enough lubrication and isn’t twisted.

By the way, if you notice that the chain is twisted, you need to change it as soon as possible. Of course, riding the motorcycle with the twisted chain is out of the question.

Chain is a very weak bike node that requires constant monitoring

The second sign indicating that the chain has worked its way out is wear. It manifests in the thinning of individual links, deep rust, and weakened fastening between the links.

For prevention, it is always recommended to lubricate it with oil when you see that the chain is dry.


This bike node transfers torque from the engine to the gearbox. At the moment of a gear shift, the clutch temporarily detaches the engine and gearbox so that their parts do not break apart.

Typical problems that may occur are:

  1. Jerky and bouncy gear shifts. The likely reason is the wearing out of the clutch disk.
  2. The clutch isn’t working at all. The likely reason is the rupture of some cables.


It is the bike node that causes the most pain in the ass. There could be so many breakdowns that you will get tired simply reading about them.

Engine is the bike node that causes the most pain in the ass

So we think it’s better to point out the unambiguous signals that something is wrong with the engine:

  • The engine isn’t starting.
  • The engine misfires, i.e., spontaneously, without the participation of the motorcyclist, either increases or decreases speed and traction. It also includes cases of drops in revolutions when you accelerate to the limit, but the bike responds with a delay.
  • Knocking sound when the engine is running. It is highly likely that there may be problems with valves or pistons.

Fuel pump

The vulnerability of the fuel pump is that it is constantly running, pumping fuel into the engine, as well as its poor resistance to sudden temperature changes.

If there are no problems with the engine, but the motorcycle has lost acceleration and throttle response, the first thing to diagnose is the fuel pump.

Suppose you encounter the 5 most common motorcycle breakdowns or other malfunctions. In that case, you can always open the biker app CryptoMoto and, within minutes, find a reliable motorcycle repair station for your iron friend.

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