Nowadays, investors are turning their focus to tokens as a new way of lucratively putting their money to work and gaining profits.

What exactly is a token? It’s a digital certificate that guarantees a company’s commitment to the person holding it. To put it in perspective, you can think of a token as a stock in the stock market.

Projects operating on the blockchain create their own unique shares (tokens). By purchasing them, you can expand your personal digital fund. You can acquire a token as a kind of investment by holding it and waiting for it to increase in value.

In today’s digital realm, there’s a wide array of different tokens that fall into various categories: credit tokens, shares, utility tokens, app tokens, and more. Primarily, these tokens serve the purpose of identification. By presenting a digital certificate, you can demonstrate your involvement in a particular project. If the project succeeds, the token holder might eventually reap profits. Think of it like a key to a vault: in the event of success, it can unlock the door to retrieve accumulated capital, and in case of failure, you can simply throw it away.

If the project succeeds, the token holder might eventually reap profits

Where you can use tokens:

  • For buying services or products.
  • For purchases within online games. For instance, getting a new character or equipment.
  • As an investment in promising startups.

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