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Crypto technology blockchain

Initially, blockchain was positioned as the backbone of Bitcoin. While there are still intense debates about cryptocurrency prospects, nobody doubts blockchain technology’s bright future. Every expert out there agrees that this advancement is a game-changer. It’s one of the most… Continue reading Crypto technology blockchain

   |    CryptoBiker   |   24 min read

What is blockchain?

The most known blockchains are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The primary difference between blockchain and other databases is the decentralized character and the exclusion of third parties in transactions which minimizes security concerns and costs. The information in blockchains is stored… Continue reading What is blockchain?

   |    CryptoBiker   |   10 min read

Bitcoin for dummies

The success stories about buying bitcoin and successfully reselling it with a yield of hundreds of percent add fuel to the fire. The thirst for a quick buck pushes beginners to buy cryptocurrency. However, before investing money, you need to… Continue reading Bitcoin for dummies

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