What makes motorbike services crucial?

A comprehensive motorcycle service guarantees that any mechanical or electrical issues are resolved before your motorcycle’s MOT and, naturally before they compromise the motorcycle’s safe functioning.

In addition to extending its lifespan, routine maintenance for your motorcycle may make it more reliable and enjoyable to ride when all of its parts are in top shape.

What are alternatives for motorcycle maintenance?

When it comes to maintaining motorcycles, there are numerous solutions available. A comprehensive motorcycle service, an interim service, and in some situations, a significant motorcycle service are your options.

Discover what is included in each motorcycle servicing option by reading on.

What’s included in a motorbike service?

What is included in full-service motorbike maintenance and repair can differ slightly between garages, but generally speaking, a comprehensive motorbike service should identify and fix any problems that might compromise the machine’s ability to operate safely.

The whole motorcycle maintenance checklist ought to include the following.

Engine examinations

  1. Oil change: The manufacturer’s advice will determine the grade to be used.
  2. A new oil filter.
  3. A new air filter.
  4. New spark plugs.
  5. Check, replenish, or top off coolant as needed.

Brake and chassis inspections

  1. Remove and clean the brake calipers.
  2. Degreased brake pistons.
  3. The hydraulic brake fluid system should be examined, replenished, or changed as needed.
  4. Clean and lubricate control cables, levers, and pivots (brakes, clutch, and throttle).
  5. Regulating the clutch and throttle.
  6. Checked and topped out the battery electrolyte as needed.
  7. Race bearing kit and steering play: check for any looseness and make any required adjustments.
  8. Front fork: examined and tested to ensure it is functioning.
  9. Rear suspension: examined and tested to make sure it works.
  10. Every fastener, including the bolts on the engine mounting and chassis, was examined and tightened as needed.
  11. Checked wheel bearings.
  12. The main and side stands were inspected and greased.
  13. Headlight adjusted as needed after being checked for aim and focus.
  14. Checked fuel hose.
  15. Check and adjust tire pressure as needed.
  16. Chain: greased and adjusted as needed.
  17. Lubrication in general.

Riding test

A road test is part of a comprehensive motorcycle service to make sure the bike is operating as it should.

What's included in a motorbike service?

What distinguishes interim service from full service?

In addition, garages provide “interim checks”, which are less thorough than comprehensive motorcycle services but guarantee that all of your bike’s essential parts are operating as they should.

An intermediate motorcycle service, as the name implies, should maintain your bike in good working order in between comprehensive servicing.

The interim motorcycle service will probably involve changing the oil and oil filter in addition to inspecting important bike components such as:

  • brake calipers
  • pivots
  • cables
  • levers
  • wheel bearings
  • headlights
  • chain function
  • tyre pressure

A road test should be part of an intermediate service.

What is a significant motorcycle repair?

A “major service”, which combines a complete service with an in-depth examination and servicing of your motorcycle’s parts, may be provided by certain shops. For instance, flushing the hydraulic system and removing and cleaning the brake calipers might be included in a major motorcycle service.

A thorough service like this will identify any possible issues early on, which will simplify subsequent MOTs and increase the safety of your motorbike.

Get the motorcycle servicing pricing list from the garage of your choice by getting in touch with them in one click using our CryptoMoto app. This will help you determine what services they provide.

What is the cost of a motorcycle’s complete service?

The size of your engine and the particular prices of the garage you have selected will determine how much a complete motorcycle service will cost.

Due to the latter’s higher running expenses for things like marketing and city center business charges, motorcycle servicing at an independent garage may be less expensive than at a garage that is a part of a national or regional chain. Additionally, chains will have to pay VAT, unlike some tiny garages.

independent garage may be less expensive than at a garage that is a part of a national or regional chain

The following is a ballpark estimate of what you should budget for motorcycle maintenance:

  • Prior to 250 cc: $100-165
  • 250-600 cc: Between $115 and $200
  • For 1,000 cc and up: around $230

The cost of fixing a motorbike

The motorbike repair expenses will be in addition to the motorbike service price if the service indicates that you require any work done on your motorcycle that is not covered by the service plan.

How frequently should your motorbike be serviced?

About every six months, or every 2,500-4000 miles, a mechanic should inspect your motorbike when it comes to maintenance.

Maintaining your motorbike according to a regular maintenance schedule is essential because defects have the potential to be quite dangerous.

About every six months, or every 2,500-4000 miles, a mechanic should inspect your motorbike when it comes to maintenance

How much time does servicing a bike take?

A motorbike repair can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a whole day, contingent upon the problems found. In general, servicing a motorbike should take about two hours on average.

Keep in mind that the number of other jobs the garage has scheduled on that day will determine when they begin working on your motorbike. It’s best to check out when your motorbike might be ready, according to the garage.

Can I maintain my motorbike by myself?

While it is best to hire an expert to maintain your motorcycle completely, you can perform some simple motorbike maintenance chores on your own.

These could consist of:

  1. Adding more or replacing the motorcycle’s oil.
  2. Inspecting and replacing your motorcycle’s battery.
  3. Lubricating your bike.
  4. Verifying the tightness of your chain.

Important: Before performing any repairs on your bike, you should always consult your owner’s manual for information on how to fix any problems. In case you are uncertain about the necessary steps to resolve any issues, please seek advice from an expert.

How can I find out whether there are any motorbike repair shops nearby?

For those looking for motorcycle repair near them, the CryptoMoto app is an excellent resource. It provides a convenient way to locate motorcycle repair shops on the map, ensuring your bike stays in top condition. Download CryptoMoto for hassle-free motorcycle maintenance and repair services.

Typical issues during MOT

Lights and reflectors

Almost half of all major problems and nearly two out of every five defects found during a MOT are related to lights and reflectors. Your lamps must be in excellent functioning condition, firmly installed, appropriately colored, and oriented correctly.

Suspension and steering defects are also frequent

These include issues with the swinging arm, shock absorbers, dampening effect, mountings, handlebars, grips, head bearings, and forks.

Wheels and tires

Only 1% of faults are related to wheels, whereas about 10% are related to tires. Any tire problem is extremely dangerous, and historically, 37% of tire problems in MOT scenarios have been classified as “dangerous”. For motorcycles over 50 cc, the tread depth must be 1 mm or more, and the tires must be properly fitted and of the appropriate type. Additionally, the wheel bearings and valves must be in good working order.


Just under one in five MOT problems are related to the brakes, and around a third of these are classified as “dangerous”. All of the brake components — disc brakes, pads, shoes, and, if applicable, ABS warning lights — must be in good operating order.

Just under one in five MOT problems are related to the brakes, and around a third of these are classified as "dangerous"

Motorcycle parts that break down less frequently but are nonetheless essential:

  • The exhaust system
  • The fuel system
  • Chairs
  • Wheel Positioning
  • Sidecars, if any are present
  • Plates
  • Horn

What is the cost of a motorbike MOT?

For any motorbike, the maximum cost of a MOT is about $40.

An MOT for a bike with a sidecar may cost up to $50.

Is a complete motorbike service or just a MOT more thorough?

A complete motorbike service is the most comprehensive set of inspections your motorbike can have because a MOT does not cover the engine, clutch, or gearbox.

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