Through the winter, keep your bike in shape

Despite the fact that we are headquartered in Spain, we occasionally experience cooler weather, including snow and occasionally ice storms. But according to our customary weather patterns, we occasionally experience lower temperatures, and then warm weather tempts us with a magnificent ride that typically lasts only a day or two. The majority of individuals don’t store their bikes all winter due to the unpredictable winter weather. Throughout the winter season, the majority of us ride them every month or two as the weather permits.

Whether you intend to hibernate your motorcycle throughout the winter or simply follow the regular Spanish weather pattern and shut it down occasionally, we can assist you in either case. Let’s start by going over a few straightforward recommendations we provide regardless of how you intend to handle the winter months.

If you choose to “Do It Yourself”, you can easily implement these items. However, if you would rather have assistance for any reason, our app with the best services also assist you with that. Keep in mind that a motorcycle mechanic aim to make the seasonal transitions as easy as possible.

Simple wintertime things to complete include the following steps.

Simple wintertime things to complete include:

  1. Consider the location of your motorbike storage. When storing your bike for an extended amount of time(2 to 6 months), keep it away from locations with a lot of moisture.
  2. Go for one final ride on your bike. This action is crucial!
  3. Before you arrive home, fill up your tank with new petrol.
  4. Thoroughly wash and properly dry your motorbike! Make sure to remove all of the dirt, road grime, and insects.
  5. Apply a heavy layer of wax to the motorcycle and wax the paint and chrome.
  6. Apply a leather protector to your bike’s leather seat and any other leather components.
  7. If your motorbike is kept in a garage, protect it with a cover to help prevent moisture damage. If you store your bike outside, you might want to think twice about covering it because covers can collect water and have a higher chance of trapping harmful moisture against your motorcycle than letting it breathe. If you are storing outside, bring your battery and seat inside.
  8. If you know your bike will be sitting for weeks on end, use a decent fuel stabilizer and treat it every time you ride. Keep in mind that gasoline can degrade in as little as 4 weeks, so adding a stabilizer while it’s sitting is crucial.
  9. To ensure that the fuel stabilizer enters the gasoline system, run your bike for 5 to 10 minutes after adding it.
  10. Oil fork tubes and fork dust covers to prevent them from drying out throughout the winter.
  11. Apply chain lube to the motorcycle chain.
  12. To ensure the right quantity of antifreeze is installed, use a hygrometer to check the radiator coolant. If it needs top it off. We advise refilling the radiator coolant every two years.
  13. Inspect and clean or replace the air filter.
  14. Inspect the condition of your tyres, belt or chain, and brake pads.
  15. If a trickle charger or SAE Lead connector is not already present, install one.
  16. Verify that both tyres have the appropriate amount of tyre pressure by checking the pressure in both tyres.
  17. Apply a wintertime protectant to the inside of any rubber hoses.

In our motorcycle services app CryptoMoto many repair shops offer different packages for you to choose from if time is of the essence and you require assistance with the aforementioned tasks or simply want a professional who shares your passion for your baby’s care.

Usually included in the motorbike works winterization package are:

Your motorbike will be equipped with all of the tools it needs to withstand the impending winter by professional mechanics when they visit you.

Simple Winter Package – about $150

  1. Trickle Charger — if not previously done, add a trickle charger or SAE Lead connector.
  2. Fuel Stabiliser – fuel system condition.
  3. Check the radiator coolant.
  4. Check tyre pressure.
  5. Examine battery terminals.
  6. Check and lube chain or check belt tension.
  7. Examine the brake pads.
  8. Examine air filters.

Deluxe Motorcycle Cover for winter storage.

Advanced Package for the Winter: about $300

  1. Trickle Charger — if not previously done, add a trickle charger or SAE Lead connector.
  2. Fuel Stabiliser: maintains the fuel system.
  3. Check the radiator coolant.
  4. Check tyre pressure.
  5. Examine all rubber.
  6. Examine fork seals.
  7. Check battery terminals.
  8. Check and lube chain or check belt tension.
  9. Examine the air filter.
  10. Oil and filter Service.
  11. Deluxe Motorcycle Cover.
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