Making a decision might be challenging due to the abundance of possibilities. And a lot of things determine the best strategy to sell a motorbike. Not every motorbike vendor may even experience it in the same way. What matters most to you when it comes to selling? For your motorbike, do you want to get the most money? Want the quickest sale possible? Do you want the greatest new home for your bike? What is the best motorcycle marketplace?

We’ve gathered our top 5 motorbike selling strategies to help. We’ll go over each and weigh the benefits and drawbacks. With any luck, one of them will be the ideal buyer for your motorbike.

1. Online marketplaces for motorcycles such as CryptoMoto App

We advise going through with a private party sale if you want to get the best possible price. Online motorbike marketplaces and classified websites are the starting point for many of these sales.

You eliminate all middlemen when you sell directly to the customer. This enables you to sell your motorbike for top price.

Maximize the Value of Your Motorcycle

Maximize the Value of Your Motorcycle

You will never receive the best price for your bike if you sell it to a dealer, a “cash now” company, or another reseller. This is due to the fact an organization must turn a profit.

The goal of a business is to generate revenue, and there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that. Because of this, any buyer who wants to resell your bike will have to give you less money than a private buyer.

That’s not to say that these other solutions can’t be useful for some people in particular circumstances, such as when someone needs a same-day sale right away.

It’s advisable to continue selling directly to another rider if you can wait a week or two.

Collaborate with Motorcycle Transaction Specialists

How can you locate this buyer who is a private party? We suggest using an internet motorbike marketplace. For instance, in the CryptoMoto App, there are a lot of motorcycle specialists focused on facilitating the quick and simple sale of American motorbikes, including Harley-Davidson models.

If your motorcycle doesn’t fit within that description, you can easily find other resellers using filters by country, city, or motorcycle model.

Remember, by choosing other websites you will be charged a little listing fee (between $30 and $60). In return, you get your motorbike exhibited nationally and a group of professionals assist in selling it.

The Cost of Your Bike and Additional Resources

Because you have to select the listing price yourself, you do need to be mindful of your pricing on these kinds of websites. Ensure that you are aware of the value of your motorbike.

Above all, keep in mind that the value of your bike, like anything else you might sell, depends only on what someone else is prepared to pay. If you set your pricing too high, you may end up paying a useless listing charge.

After a few months, you sell your bike to a nearby dealership, but by then, you’ve lost money and time. You’ll wind up with less than you would have on the specializing site if you had begun with a reasonable price.

The fact that industry-specific marketplaces focus on motorcycles and may frequently assist in providing you and your customer with the information you need to finish the deal is another benefit of using them. Many also offer email and toll-free help, and resource pages.

If your buyer lives far away, they can recommend motorcycle shipping companies to you. A buyer’s financing center, selling advice, insurance details, and pricing data specific to your year, brand, and model are frequently additional tools.

2. Biggest Marketplaces

Using a general but well-liked classifieds or auction website is another excellent way to gain national exposure. Though there are many options, selecting some of them is the most well-liked way.

Using a general but well-liked classifieds or auction website is another excellent way to gain national exposure


eBay is among the largest websites. It claims to have 160 million customers. That’s a big group of people.

Of course, just a small percentage of those incredibly large shoppers are interested in buying motorcycles, but they do offer a special motorbike area.

The only drawback is that there is a $125 fee, which is fairly substantial. That comes to about 1.5 percent of the $8,000 motorbike you are selling for.

The fact that you only pay if your bike sells is a benefit, but since buyers are aware of this as well, they might conclude that eBay sellers are not as respectable as those on other platforms where they have paid to list.


Craigslist is an additional choice. They are enormous but similar to eBay, their target market extends beyond motorcyclists. Additionally, the listings are categorized by region, so the people you can choose from will only be those who live nearby.

When selling on Craigslist, exercise caution and keep an eye out for any warning signs of fraud, as con artists frequently use this platform.

Marketplace on Facebook

This marketplace looks classified and offers a variety of goods advertised for sale, much like Craigslist. It can be accessed for free through the Facebook social network.

The results you get are location-based by default, much like Craigslist. Because of this, it’s less suitable for more costly goods that consumers might be willing to travel for.

Facebook marketplace looks classified and offers a variety of goods advertised for sale

It’s worth a try because it’s free. Think about your other possibilities as well if you’re serious about selling your motorbike quickly and for the best price. Listing can help you get the most visibility in both paid and free listings.

The only drawback is that being a part of common social networks, there are a lot of crazy or bored people who will use your ads for fun, asking a million questions just to waste your time.

Regional Marketplaces

There are many local marketplaces. Most are smaller, more recent, and limited to local exchanges. While some of these markets have a transaction cost, some are free with additional fees.

The lack of motorcycling expertise on these sites is their greatest drawback. Also, they restrict you to a regional audience.

3. Motorcycle Dealer in Your Neighborhood

A lot of motorcyclists steer clear of dealerships like the plague, especially those who prefer to purchase second-hand motorcycles. Some believe every person working at the dealership is trying to harm them.

Dealers of Motorcycles Are Not Always Bad

Of course, there are some dishonest people in every industry. Additionally, there are lots of chances available from your neighborhood dealer. All you have to do is acknowledge that they are a company and that their goal is to turn a profit.

The truth is that in certain situations, a motorbike dealer could be your best bet. The dealership is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for relatively rapid cash to get an offer. Alternatively, if you already purchased another motorbike from them, think about selling it concurrently.

Motorcycle Dealer in Your Neighborhood

The Main Advantage Is Convenience

Remember that the buying and selling of motorcycles is the primary activity of a motorcycle dealership. Thus, there’s a good probability they’ll be interested in purchasing your bike.

It implies that they’ll wish to charge a little more for it when selling it to someone else. If you are also prepared to buy a motorbike at the same time, this is even more true. If a motorbike trade-in completes the sale of another bike, almost no motorcycle dealer will refuse it.

Understanding that you are receiving a little less money when selling to a dealer is the most crucial factor to take into account. In return, you’ll most likely sell your motorbike easily, promptly, and securely.

For the dealer to profit from the sale of your motorbike to another person, you might have to give up 10 or 20 percent of its value. As long as you understand what you’re getting in return and accept that this is what’s best for you, it’s not always a negative thing.

4. Sell to a Coworker, Friend, or Family Member

Selling your motorbike to a known and reliable fellow rider can be a great idea. Even if they aren’t interested in your motorbike, they might know someone else who is in the market for a vehicle similar to yours.

In this situation, you’re counting on a little bit of good fortune from the motorcycling gods, but weirder things have happened. If you’re selling to a close friend or relative, this is when pricing your bike comes in most difficult. Giving them too good of a deal could cost you money on your bike, so you don’t want to take advantage of them.

Bring your bike along to other rides and events with the intention of selling it later. You never know, maybe at your neighborhood poker run or Starbucks you’ll run into a buyer. Tell everyone you meet at these gatherings that you are looking to sell your bike. You never know who might know who would be interested in buying your motorbike.

Simply remember to always be on the lookout for chances.

Bring your bike along to other rides and events with the intention of selling it later

5. Auction

Do you have any unusual and exotic items for sale? Perhaps you want to sell a vintage motorbike for the greatest price possible. One of the most difficult deals to close, particularly if you’re under pressure to finish it quickly. Using an auction house could be one of your greatest solutions in this situation.

Bikes that are uncommon, exotic, vintage, or classic might have an extremely erratic market. It may be influenced by seemingly unconnected market factors such as the state of the world economy as a whole. A person could be far less likely to shell out top dollar for a vintage bike during a bear market.

It’s also crucial to get your motorbike in front of the correct customers. In certain circumstances, a specialized classifieds website may be useful. However, if your motorbike is extremely unique and unusual, you should consult the experts who have the most knowledge about classic and antique vehicles.

Popular Auctions, which specializes in collectible automobiles and motorcycles, is a terrific place to start. The best can be pricey, just like anything else, and this is also the case. 5% of the sale price is the starting rate. A minimum of $7,500 of the $150,000 that your unique motorcycle sells for may go to the auction house.

Bikes that are uncommon, exotic, vintage, or classic might have an extremely erratic market.

The auction houses are much more expensive compared to eBay (in CryptoMoto App it’s still free btw). On the other hand, it might easily pay for itself in higher sale prices in a challenging transaction.

Your Ideal Method for Motorbike Selling

The method that makes you feel the most comfortable selling your motorbike is ultimately the best one.

A lot of motorcyclists post listings on large, specialized, or classified websites. Sometimes they even desire publicity on a worldwide scale. They receive top dollar for this.

Some choose to sell to their dealer as soon as possible while purchasing their next motorbike. Some, on the other hand, would rather sell locally to a known individual, even if it means waiting several months and receiving a little lower price.

The fortunate few who can purchase antiques must rely on auction houses or other specialized markets.

Whatever the situation, each person will have their own preferred method for selling a motorbike. Similar to how some motorcyclists adore their Honda or BMW, while others prefer a Harley.

Make sure you know the value of your motorbike before you sell!

Don’t forget to stay with any other bike before you sell. Make sure you find out where you may get your new motorbike to continue enjoying life in the motorcycle universe!

Make sure you find out where you may get your new motorbike to continue enjoying life in the motorcycle universe

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