More often newly qualified motorcyclists are not just beginners but young people with no savings. And spending a lot of money on your first motorcycle is not such a good idea because for sure there will be falls and other “lessons”. Don’t forget they need to allocate funds for essential riding gear. The financial constraints dictate that the aim is to keep the motorcycle purchase of cheap automatic motorcycle within the $5,000 range.

While the allure of electric bikes is present, their cost and limited range are determined. The flexibility to embark on 50+ mile journeys in a day is crucial for getting a riding experience faster, and electric motorcycles, with their restricted mileage per charge, fail to meet this requirement without a substantial increase in cost.

That is why in this article we present you top-5 automatic motorcycles that align with the budget of $5,000 and performance expectations.

Almost everyone recommends Honda as a first motorcycle. Let’s start with it.

1. 2023 Honda Trail 125 – $4,000

2023 Honda Trail 125 - $4,000

Venturing beyond conventional norms, the Honda Trail 125 stands as a semi-automatic marvel, exuding timeless coolness reminiscent of its iconic Trail predecessors. Inheriting a 124 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine from the Super Cub, the Trail 125 ensures efficiency, quiet operation, fuel economy, and durability. The renowned no-clutch semi-automatic transmission, low step-over frame, and integrated luggage rack further enhance its appeal. With a price tag of $4,000 and front-wheel ABS, the Trail 125 is a compelling choice.

The semi-automatic four-speed transmission necessitates foot shifting, but the absence of a clutch lever simplifies the riding experience. While stationary, selecting the desired gear with the shift lever and opening the throttle triggers the automatic clutch operation, seamlessly managing each gear change — a significant convenience, especially during off-road adventures. The package includes front-wheel ABS, and the attractive price tag of $4,000 of this cheap automatic motorcycle adds to its appeal.


  • Engine: 124cc Air-cooled single-cylinder
  • Power: 9.7 HP
  • Transmission: Four-speed semi-automatic
  • Curb Weight: 256 lb

2. 2023 Honda Navi – $1,800

2023 Honda Navi - $1,800

A petite alternative, the Honda Navi, a singular-cylinder pocket bike, embraces Honda’s distinctive miniMOTO language. With a CVT transmission, electric start, and over 100 mpg fuel efficiency, the Navi boasts affordability and practicality. Despite drum brakes, its sub-$2K price point makes it an excellent urban companion, providing an enjoyable riding experience.

What sets the Navi apart is its utilization of a CVT transmission, eliminating the need for manual clutch engagement, shifting maneuvers, or the existence of a neutral gear — simply ignite, twist, and embark on your journey.


  • Engine: 108cc four-stroke single
  • Power: 7.8 HP
  • Transmission: CVT Automatic
  • Curb Weight: 236 lbs

3. 2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 – $3,800

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 - $3,800

The Yamaha Zuma 125, a spirited scooter, features a fully automatic V-belt transmission, delivering a constant surge of power. With a torque curve designed for agile cornering and modern amenities like LED lighting and disc brakes, the Zuma 125 blends excitement and practicality.

The inherent design of scooters like Yamaha’s Zuma 125 offers an enjoyable and uncomplicated platform for novice riders to hone their skills. The seat provides a plush perch, generously accommodating a passenger, and even those of smaller stature won’t struggle to plant their feet firmly on the ground.


  • Engine: 125 cc four-stroke single
  • Power: 8 HP
  • Torque: ~6.9 lbs-ft
  • Transmission: V-Belt Automatic
  • Curb Weight: 282 lbs

4. 2023 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS – $3,850

2023 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS - $3,850

The iconic Honda Super Cub C125, the world’s favorite cheap automatic motorcycle, blends reliability, simplicity, and fun. With front-wheel ABS, electric start, and fuel injection, it enhances the riding experience. The step-through chassis, four-speed semi-automatic transmission, and outstanding fuel efficiency make it an ideal choice.

The Super Cub incorporates a four-speed semi-automatic transmission, shifted with your left foot, akin to traditional motorcycles. A distinctive feature sets it apart: no clutch concerns — you simply toe and go.


  • Engine: 124 cc Single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Power: 12.3 HP
  • Torque: 11.8 Nm
  • Transmission: Four-speed Semi-Automatic
  • Curb Weight: 238 lbs

5. 2016 Aprilia Mana 850 – $5,000

2016 Aprilia Mana 850 - $5,000

The Aprilia Mana 850, a unique Italian marvel with an automatic transmission, inherits Honda’s CVT unit. Blurring the lines between scooter and motorcycle, it offers versatility and practicality. With an 839 cc V-twin engine, ample storage space, and adaptability for both commuting and leisure riding, the Mana 850 stands as a compelling option.

Notably, its transmission provides the rider with the flexibility to engage manual mode, thereby assuming control over a 7-speed sequential gearbox.


  • Engine: 839 cc, 8-valve, V-twin
  • Power: 75 HP
  • Torque: 77 Nm
  • Top Speed: 125 mph
  • Curb Weight: 399 lbs

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