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At CryptoMoto, we believe that everyone should have the freedom. Above all freedom of movement. Any person should be able to get out of the four walls, start their iron horse and go in any direction without any fear.

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About the project CryptoMoto
Mission of CryptoMoto

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a self-regulating platform for the freedom of motorcyclists in all its forms globally. We believe that by spreading this freedom, we can significantly improve lives around the world.

To achieve our goal, we use decentralization of the blockchain and points with tokens. Technology will lead us to a brighter future, just as a motorcycle with the internal combustion engine once overtook the car with a steam engine.

Our Why

The motorcycle app CryptoMoto was developed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, not for commercial gain, but because it was crucial for any biker’s full and comfortable life.

Every day, a motorcyclist faces many problems and challenges, which takes so much time and effort that they just want to give it all up very often. It’s not a secret to anyone that a lot of people give up riding a motorbike despite their affection for their iron horses and that indescribable feeling of freedom.

So, what exactly is the problem? Let me explain in own example of the project founder.

“I decided to learn to ride a motorcycle as an adult, already having a driver’s license and car driving experience but no biker friends or any experience from childhood or adolescence. First, I needed to learn how to ride a motorcycle and get a motorcycle license, so I had to find a motorcycle school. And here’s when I faced my first challenges.

Google has tons of results for car driving schools, but motorcycle schools are pretty rare. So, to find one, I had to go through a huge amount of information on endless websites and advertisements for driving schools. Eventually, I found the one and only option, which I subsequently used for lack of alternatives. Later it turned out that the instructor taught me a lot of mistakes, so I had to relearn attending two more motorcycle schools. But I am not complaining. I was thrilled!”

But if at that time I had an app showing all nearby motorcycle schools, it would be a matter of just a few clicks or taps. And now we have such a solution for smartphones – the CryptoMoto app!

Here you can find all motorcycle schools, as well as individual instructors who can ride with you around the city, pointing out mistakes or simply hedging a beginner.

All of the options come with reviews of other bikers, prices, schedules, and of course, contacts. Motorcycle schools are displayed not only as a list but also marked on the map, making it easier to make a perfect choice based on where it is more convenient for you to practice, for example, close to home, your work, or your garage.

Worth noting that motorcycle schools are needed not only to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license and learn to ride a motorcycle but also to improve your biker’s skills, which is critical after a winter downtime. Defensive driving saves the lives of both adrenaline-loving riders and calmly moving bikers, who may find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time when they encounter an irresponsible road user along the way. Not to mention the special “racing” courses – riding on the track not only helps the motorcyclist feel the full power of such an extraordinarily fast machine as a motorcycle but also learn how to enter turns and adjust the speed correctly. For mountainous terrain, for example, this is a vital skill.

Let’s get back to Tatsiana’s story. “Having finally gotten the license, I faced a new challenge – the purchase of my first motorcycle. The most important step and a dream of all aspiring motorcyclists. At that time, I did not have a single biker friend who could give me specific advice. And there are so many articles on the Internet or videos on YouTube about buying the first motorcycle that they hardly help a beginner biker. In other words, I needed an experienced motorcyclist who, considering my budget, would choose the right bike for me with all responsibility. I did not find such a person either among friends, acquaintances, on the Internet, or at a motorcycle school, even if I offered to pay.”

Oh, if only she had a CryptoMoto app back then, where users can offer their services as an expert in buying a motorcycle: inspect, determine the real value, bargain with the seller, help with the renewal of documents and familiarize the newly minted motorcyclist with their new best friend. The motorcyclist can easily find an assistant in buying a motorcycle based on other customers’ reviews, location, and budget.

Then her story about buying a motorcycle would not have ended with an engine failure in a month!

“After spending weeks to no avail looking for the right person, I then decided to buy a motorcycle myself and chose the first red one I came across 🙂

So, after riding just for a while, I ran into a new problem – repairing a motorcycle (not to mention the evacuation of a broken iron friend from the highway to the city). Only experienced bikers know where motorcycles are repaired well because the percentage of service centers for cars is thousands of times greater. Hence the competition, low prices, and excellent quality. It’s a completely different story for motorcycle repair shops.”

In fact, bikers find their optimal motorcycle repair shop or motorcycle mechanic through pain and blood, spending an incredible amount of money, time and nerves. By far, the surest way to repair your motorcycle without a nervous breakdown is through word of mouth. That works if you have a thousand biker friends. If you are a loner, you are screwed.

Well, everything was so gloomy before the CryptoMoto app development, where you can find a list (or look on the map) of motorcycle workshops, official representatives of one brand or servicing all brands, as well as a separate motorcycle specialist: electrician, technician, mechanic, computer engineer, and many others. In our amazing app for motorcyclists, you can see honest reviews of other bikers about various workshops, find out their prices, make an appointment for a checkup, or even call a specialist to your house or directly to the garage.

“Personally, I was lucky then: thanks to the unthinkable mutual assistance of the motorcycle community, a passing-by biker picked me up with my first unfortunate motorcycle on the highway and took me straight to the motorcycle repair shop recommended and personally checked by him.

Despite my luck in finding a motorcycle mechanic, I immediately ran into the next problem – spare parts! As it turned out, finding a motorcycle spare part is also quite a pain in the ass. Not only is there usually no common database – only for the most popular models, but there are few stores, and their range is two filters and one brake disc.”

In short, to find one small part for a motorcycle, you have to subscribe to millions of groups on social networks and re-read billions of messages in an attempt to find the necessary part. Or you order it from another country through friends of friends of acquaintances, which you will need to pick up somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where the trucker carrying it would stop to pee. It’s a whole epic, true story!

Or you can simply use our CryptoMoto app, where all shops and individual sellers of motorcycle parts are gathered. Their products are sorted by brand and motorcycle model, year of manufacture, and condition. You can immediately see the availability and price and easily arrange delivery. And if the seller, in turn, offers motorcycle repair services, immediately replace it! Incredibly comfortable and practical, no nerves and dramas – a few taps and you are again cutting through the air on your iron stallion.

Not to mention that in addition to the motorcycle, the rider also needs specialized stores to dress up. Finding the right equipment is quite the task for a short, slender girl with small feet like Tatsiana. She had to travel to other cities to pick up motorcycle boots for the track! So gathering motorcycle shops of all kinds and specializations in one application for bikers will make your life more comfortable and happier.

After the fight with the real world, in combat readiness, a motorcycle and a rider finally roll out to the road for the long-awaited enjoyment of happiness. Having flown thousands of kilometers in one breath and admiring the sunset, even if you like to ride alone, from time to time, you want to share these wonderful moments with someone else – a human, after all, is a social being. To chat on motorcycle topics, discuss the latest motorcycle news and motorsport, and take cool photos or videos. But how do you find company if you’re a loner? The answer is obvious – the CryptoMoto app unites and helps motorcyclists with life’s pressing problems.

The motorcycle app CryptoMoto is developed so that you know – you are not alone.

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