Besides the share of fatal accidents also increases in the rain and reaches 34% according to the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies. So how can you safeguard yourself if you plan to ride in the rain? Obviously it’s better to avoid wet weather when planning your rides. But rain can anyway catch you on the road, so let’s see what measures you should undertake to make your rides as safe as possible.

Before rolling out your bike for the rain ride

Besides higher risks precipitations also drastically reduce comfort. But the right outfit can help you with that. If you know there is a high chance of rain when rolling your iron horse from the garage, consider putting on a proper rain suit, gloves and boots, and a helmet.

When talking about a rain suit we mean special motorcycling rain outfit: a one- or two-piece suit made from waterproof fabric. It is better to opt for bright colors, preferably yellow or orange, so you are well visible on the road.

preferably yellow or orange rain suit, so you are well visible on the road

Waterproof gloves and boots will not only protect you and give you more comfort but also reduce the risk of accidents due to the distraction of wet feet and palms.

As for the helmet we suggest buying a full-face helmet with an anti-fogging visor or electric defrosting function, so the visibility in the rain remains as good as possible.

On the road under the rain

Slow down

Rain considerably lowers visibility and road grip. Thus to avoid accidents you have to ride slowly. This will give you more control over the bike and more time to react to unexpected situations.

Lean less

It’s definitely a good practice to lean sufficiently when entering a turn but it’s dangerous in the rain due to significantly reduced road grip. To play it safe keep the motorcycle in as upright a position as possible till the pavement dries.

Avoid sudden moves

Any maneuvers in the rain should be as smooth as possible. This means no sudden braking or acceleration and definitely no swerving. It will ensure you have better control over your motorcycle and give the traffic participants enough time to notice and avoid hitting you.

Any maneuvers in the rain should be as smooth as possible

Avoid road markings

Be sure to avoid road markings when driving a motorcycle in rainy weather or after rain. When wet the marking surface becomes very slippery and the motorcycle may fall at the slightest inclination. Road lanes, pedestrian crossings and arrows during and after rain are unsafe for motorcyclists.

Watch the road carefully

Keep your eyes on the pavement to see any changes in the surface such as puddles or oil spots. Any changes in the texture are fraught with even worse road grip than a simply wet road. Remember just like cars motorcycles can hydroplane in standing water but the consequences are worse than for cars.

Beware of lightning

Lightning means that rain is about to get more severe. Besides it can strike your biker and you. Thus if you see lightning it’s better to get off the bike and find a safe place to wait it out. In order not to be bored during this time surf the best application for motorcycle riders CryptoMoto. Here you will find not only useful tips on how to ride a motorcycle correctly, but also a lot of interesting technical articles, chats with like-minded people, motorcycle events and much more.

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