Car washes are made for cars, and high-pressure washers can harm a motorcycle. Thus, you should follow several rules distinguishing washing a bike from a car. Let’s see what they are.

Never wash a bike till it’s cooled off

If you start washing your bike with cold water before it cools off, you risk developing cracks on the metal or the peeling of the top coat. Let the motorcycle cool off for 5-10 minutes after a ride first. During this free time you can surf our CryptoMoto app for motorcyclists.

Remove everything you can

When washing a motorcycle for winter storage, meticulous bikers remove even all plastic parts to thoroughly clean their iron horse from the dirt accumulated over the season. But for a quick wash, you can limit yourself to removing the saddlebags.

However, some prefer to play it safe and also remove the battery and isolate the spark plugs, so they are not flooded. You should definitely remove all detachable electric devices – they are ok when it’s raining but may not be when you pour a bucket of water on them.

First, clean the chain and then wash the bike

The chain is probably the dirtiest part of the bike, so it’s only natural to start with it. You may be tempted to wash it with a pressure washer to make it quick and effective, but it’s not the best idea. The pressure washer insanely accelerates chain wear as it removes the lubricant. The same is also valid for other oil seals and bearings in motorcycles. Make sure you clean them manually.

Let the motorcycle soak

Let the motorcycle soak

Do not scrub the dirt immediately, as you can damage the top coating. Soap the bike and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Then, gently remove the dirt with a sponge.

Don’t flood vulnerable spots

Be careful not to flood the electrics, radiator, air filters, carburetors, and exhaust pipes. You should never direct a water jet, especially a pressure washer, to those parts.

These are the essentials for washing your motorcycle. If you want to know more about preparing it for winter storage, you can read about it in our blog.

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