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I am sure you will enjoy hanging out with like-minded people you can find through CryptoMoto. However, an unexpected heatstroke can overshadow a great pastime in the summer during a trip or an outdoor event. Thus, knowing how to help yourself or your fellow biker is definitely a good idea.

How to know if someone has heatstroke?

In heatstroke, the body loses the ability to thermoregulate for a while. The body temperature rises, the blood thickens, and the blood pressure rises.

The visual symptoms are similar to those of the beginning of the common cold:

  • Dizziness, sometimes, headache;
  • Overwhelming weakness;
  • Skin reddening;
  • Nausea, and in severe cases, even vomiting.

If the first symptoms are overlooked, the condition only worsens and can result in passing out, especially dangerous while riding, hallucinations, and loss of orientation in space. Heatstroke goes hand in hand with dehydration, which usually is unnoticed by motorcyclists, making it extremely dangerous.

How to know if someone has heatstroke?

Treatment methods

When heat stroke has already happened, there is one clear response algorithm:

  1. Find a cool room as soon as possible. Simply hiding in the shade, hoping to cool off and recover, won’t work here. Ideally, you should get off the bike as soon as you feel the first symptoms. When looking for a shelter, you can count on the biker app CryptoMoto where the built-in map has all the places you can receive urgent assistance and their contacts. Do not neglect this opportunity to save your life and health. Become a part of the CryptoMoto community by clicking “Join“.
  2. Find an alternative to a cool room – take a dip in the river or lake or take a cool shower.
  3. Drink room-temperature water (22-24 C/71-75 F) and splash it on yourself. But don’t drink too much, or it will put an extra load on your heart. Optimally, you should drink 300-500 grams or a small bottle of water in small sips every 30-40 minutes.
  4. If the condition is really bad, you should wrap yourself in a cool, damp cloth and apply the cold cloth to your forehead. Then, call an ambulance. Yes, call an ambulance to take you to the hospital. You mustn’t go to the emergency room on your own as you will have to ride in the heat, which can be fatal.


Naturally, it’s better to prevent heatstroke than treat it. You can undertake some measures to reduce the harmful effect of heat.

First of all, you should choose the right outfit. The signature biker’s whole-leather outfits won’t work as they fit too tightly to the body and impede sweating. Summer shorts also won’t do as the fair wind will dry the skin from sweat very quickly and prevent the body from cooling off normally. In this case, motorcycle jackets with perforations and inserts for blowing through the biker’s torso and cooling thermal underwear will be the best clothes. And, of course, it is good to keep your head comfortable. For this, choose a helmet with good ventilation.

you should choose the right outfit

Secondly, you can ride a motorcycle with a damp helmet lining or T-shirt. Such a simple trick will give you about an hour of easy riding. Besides, you can use the cowboys’ trick – wrap a wet neckerchief or bandana around your neck. It will cool off your carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain. Keeping it cold ensures your head stays fresh longer.

Thirdly, you need to hydrate. And not with soda or coffee, but with simple warm water or natural juices. A good alternative is sports drinks with salts and minerals. They don’t only relieve thirst but also help to restore the right balance of chemicals in the body.

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