The modern market offers many options to enhance a bike’s operational qualities, such as improved brakes, exhaust systems, accessories, upgraded lighting, engine components, and electronics. In the right hands, all of these components have the potential to transform a motorcycle radically.

The most commonly sought-after solution among motorcycle enthusiasts is how to make their bikes go faster. We’ve gathered some proven methods that can make your two-wheeled horse faster than the wind.

1. Upgrading the exhaust and installing a power control unit

Purchasing new parts can significantly reduce the motorcycle’s weight, as modern innovative systems are made of lightweight materials. Tuning these parts can improve the throttle response, add power, and increase torque.

2. Modifying the suspension

If your motorcycle doesn’t have an adjustable suspension, now is the time to get one – it’s a game-changer for your riding style. This can help you adapt to riding at high speeds by adjusting compression and damping parameters relative to the driver’s weight.

Modifying the suspension

Pro tip: If you don’t have a lot of extra funds, it’s best to start by upgrading the front of the bike and replacing the rear components over time.

3. Professional suspension tuning

No matter how much you paid for your new suspension, you may find that it’s not functioning at 100% after installation. It’s not about the materials or brand but about the need to have it adjusted by a professional. This is where you shouldn’t skimp and need to seek out highly qualified specialists. If you don’t know any, we recommend downloading the best motorcycle app CryptoMoto. This is where you can find a specialist in any facet of motorcycling. You can also ask for advice from fellow high-speed enthusiasts and get a ton of recommendations about verified auto repair shops from any country. Maybe you know some experts yourself? Share your experience with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

4. Wheel disc replacement

Some manufacturers save on wheels, offering consumers something bulky and cumbersome. A heavy disc is that weight that won’t even allow a suspension that’s adjusted according to all the rules to reduce the negative impact on driving characteristics. A good set of wheels will allow you to feel the difference in movement right away. Luckily, the modern market offers many nice-looking options at affordable prices.

Wheel disc replacement

5. Tire replacement

If you have changed the wheels, it’s time to look out for good rubber. It’s important to understand that there are no perfect tires that would fit everyone. Some may provide perfect stability, while others are good for extreme climbs. Now it’s important to decide what task your new tires should solve and surf CryptoMoto forums or chats where you can talk to experienced riders.

6. Upgrading the braking system

New brake pads and steel brake lines are an effective way to increase your speed and dynamics. When you’re dealing with high-inertia loads, stopping your motorcycle can be quite a challenge. Upgraded disc brakes can help you stop quickly and safely. Remember, the lighter and larger the disc brakes, the better!

Improving your riding skills

7. Updating the motorcycle engine

Reflashing your bike’s engine can increase its power output by up to 20%. However, it’s important to understand that this will change the way your bike is handled. Are you ready for the challenge?

8. Improving your riding skills

Improving your riding skills can also make a big difference in your motorcycle’s performance. If you want to be faster and more dynamic, you need to focus on your skills. Consider enrolling in professional riding courses that can teach you how to handle your bike properly, have optimal body position, easily enter turns and control your vehicle’s power.

If you have personal experience with upgrading your motorcycle, why not share it with other users in the CryptoMoto chat rooms for motorcyclists? Your advice and tips could be just what someone else needs to take their ride to the next level.

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