Remember, you are never too old for training on the track. It’s never too late to try something new, especially since it is much safer to hone your skills on the track than on a busy city street.

The second common anxiety reason is the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of more experienced bikers. Of course, we can say that everyone once started from scratch, but such a thought is of little consolation. The useful thing is to prepare or, more precisely, learn what mistakes rookies make on a track and how to avoid them. This is what this post is about.

Driving too fast

The first mistake newbies make when they come to the track is forget about elementary caution and twist the throttle to the limit. Naturally, you don’t have to worry about speed limits and traffic tickets on the track, and it’s very freeing. The same can be said about the bravado when a newcomer tries to copy an experienced biker who knows the track inside out.

Nothing good usually comes of it — only unnecessary injury, mutilation, and, in some cases, death.

Thus, starting with a comfortable speed and gradually increasing it to understand your threshold of comfortable and safe speed is better.

Driving too fast

Driving too slow

Usually, this mistake is explained by the insecurity of a novice rider. Preparation and individual practice with a coach who will teach you how to enter the corner, move along the track, avoid a collision with another rider and fall off the bike at high speed can help you overcome it. As soon as newbies feel they can deal with most problems on a track, insecurity fades.

The habit of staying on your side of the road

It occurs due to long riding along the city streets and highways. It’s hard to get used to the fact that the whole track is at your disposal and all you need is to outline the most favorable trajectory of movement and learn how to enter corners. If you have difficulty practicing turns, it makes sense to use cones. Over time, you will master this art.

Early braking

It is a typical rookie mistake on the track, as they feel insecure about their ability to properly control the bike and are afraid to fall on the corner. They hit the brakes too early, decelerate hard, and then try to catch the right lean angle by accelerating hard.

The solution here is simple:

  • First, raise the limit of your comfortable speed.
  • Ask for advice from more experienced motorcyclists or an instructor on where the right breaking points are before the corner.
  • Practice and practice till you succeed.

Fear of leaning too much in corners

It is a very understandable concern. Who wants to wash their knees on hard asphalt or put themselves at risk of falling?

Fear of leaning too much in corners

I recommend taking classes with an instructor who will attach anti-falling rods with wheels to your bike. It will make you feel more confident and able to tilt your body closer to the center of the corner without fear. The practiced skill will allow you to take corners at a higher speed in the future without losing traction.

The CryptoMoto motorcyclist app will help you improve on the track. You can fix the inclination angle and find the most optimal one, allowing you to drive through corners confidently. The CryptoMoto app tracks your speed and time and saves statistics, making it easier to see your progress on these parameters.

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